Ethan Ede
Adam Bennett
Dillon Woods

Ethan Ede is a product of billions of years of convergent evolution. He is probably taller than you are, unless, of course, you are taller than he is, in which case he isn't. Scientists theorize that his tall ancestors had better vantage points for spotting predators and thus became lunch with somewhat less frequency than the ancestors of unborn short people with dead parents. His favorite food is the sandwich.

Ethan fancies himself some sort of musician, but really he is a college dropout. Ethan fell in love with comics before he had actually read one, as his youth was spent in some vast, stupid, desert. His curiosity and imagination nourished only with his father's books about comics, he made do by drawing his own until his family moved out of the desert to a town in the mountains, which, while still quite stupid, at least had a comic shop. A bearded man, Ethan lives with three dogs and his girlfriend in a city so stupid that it can't decide if it is in the mountains or the desert. Ethan is an Atheist.