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Adam Rosenlund is a powerful man, a sorrowful man. Born in Vallejo, which he assures me is located in California; Adam knew he wanted to do nothing other than draw comic books at age 5. When Adam was ten his family relocated to Boise, Idaho. In High School Adam began to pursue a career in comics in genuine, showing his portfolio to many industry professionals. The positive response he received inspired him to ignore the super massive financial black hole called student loans and attend the Minneapolis College for Art and Design. Before graduation Adam was awarded an internship with Marvel Comics.

A former meat-eater, current Atheist and future Futurist, Adam has returned to Boise where he lives with his cat, and many brushes of various sizes. Adam’s influences lay somewhere in-between Jack Kirby and Jean Giraud, but include many sources outside of comics, particularly Hip Hop and Metal music.